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Mumbai Weekend Cruise

Embark on a journey of pure luxury and excitement from the dazzling city of Mumbai aboard the opulent Cordelia cruise! Treat yourself to a lavish 2-night sailing adventure, departing from Mumbai and returning in style.

Get ready for non-stop entertainment as you step aboard the Cordelia cruise. From captivating shows to thrilling rock climbing, from the excitement of the casino to the refreshing oasis of the swimming pool, there's something for everyone to enjoy. And to top it off, indulge in a sumptuous 5-course meal package that promises to tantalize your taste buds throughout your stay.

Perfect for a quick weekend escape, an unforgettable anniversary celebration, or a birthday extravaganza, this sailing route offers the ultimate 5-star cruise experience in a compact timeframe. So why wait? Set sail from Mumbai and let the Cordelia cruise whisk you away on a weekend of luxury, fun, and unforgettable memories!

2 Nights (Mumbai - Sea - Mumbai)

₹ 25000 / Person




    Stay in Cabin (as per booking)

    All Meals

    Unlimited Tea Coffee

    Unlimited Alcohol

    Water Bottles in Room

    Entertainment Shows

    Swimming Pool

    Casino Access

    All Taxes
    Private Dinner Restaurants

    Shore excursions & tours

    Exclusive Entertainment shows

    Rock Climbing

Cordelia Cruise Sailing Dates

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Cabin Categories

Interior Stateroom: Cabin: 117 Sq. Ft.


The Interior Stateroom offers a cozy accommodation option within a space of 117 square feet. Ideal for those seeking affordability without compromising comfort, this cabin comes in two variants: double occupancy and quad occupancy. Furnished with a comfortable queen bed and an attached private washroom, it ensures a pleasant stay. Additionally, guests can enjoy the convenience of a fully air-conditioned environment and modern design features throughout the room.

Oceanview Stateroom: Cabin: 142 Sq. Ft.


The Oceanview Stateroom provides a spacious accommodation spanning 142 square feet, featuring a window that offers scenic views of the ocean. This fully air-conditioned cabin boasts a comfortable queen bed and an attached washroom for convenience. Available in both double occupancy and quad occupancy variants, it caters to different group sizes, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay for guests.

Mini Suite: Cabin: 194 Sq. Ft. | Balcony: 25 Sq. Ft.

The Mini Suite offers a blend of affordability and luxury, spanning 194 square feet with an additional 25 square feet balcony. This spacious, air-conditioned room features an attached washroom and a private balcony, providing guests with an opportunity to relax and admire the picturesque ocean views. Designed to accommodate a maximum of three people, the Mini Suite ensures a comfortable and indulgent experience for guests seeking a touch of luxury during their voyage.

Suite: Cabin: 303 Sq. Ft | Balcony: 222 Sq. Ft.

The Suite presents an expansive luxury option, boasting a spacious cabin of 303 square feet complemented by an impressive 222 square feet balcony. Designed for indulgence, this room offers ample space for relaxation and enjoyment, with the large balcony providing panoramic views of the ocean. Guests can unwind on the balcony's lounger, whether basking in the sunlight during the day or stargazing under the clear night skies. With a maximum capacity of three people, the Suite ensures a lavish and comfortable experience for its occupants.

Chairman Suite: Cabin: 596 Sq. Ft | Balcony: 222 Sq. Ft.

The Chairman Suite stands as the epitome of luxury aboard this cruise ship, offering unparalleled opulence and comfort. With a spacious cabin spanning 596 square feet and a sprawling 222 square feet balcony, guests are treated to the ultimate luxury experience. Adding to the extravagance is the inclusion of butler service, ensuring personalized attention and top-notch service throughout the stay.

Moreover, the suite features exclusive amenities such as a private dining area equipped with a six-seater dining table, a sophisticated bar counter, a majestic master bedroom, and a lavish walk-in closet. Guests can also indulge in the ultimate relaxation with a private sun-deck balcony and a rejuvenating Jacuzzi, completing the luxurious experience of the Chairman Suite.